We feel we can conquer almost any feat in this industry. In keeping with this mission, we offer a wide variety of services. No job is too big or small, as we treat each project with the same meticulous attention to detail.

Picture framing is an art in   itself. As custom framing specialists, we have an “eye for style”, unique design  and out of the box thinking. Framing should enhance and draw you into the art,   not overpower or take away from it. Whether rustic, elegant, chic, classic or   anywhere in between. We can work out something that is sure to impress and have   you thrilled to show off. We have the ability to do oversize projects or the most fragile of artifacts. You can feel secure leaving your precious heirlooms   or works of art in our care to bring to life through our work.

Conservation Framing  Proper care and maintenance is of   utmost importance to preserve the integrity of fragile and time honoured   heirlooms. We have all materials needed to ensure proper care so you will know  generations to come will still be able to enjoy what was meant to be shared.

Poster & Puzzle Specials  From $79.99 – $99.99, metal  frame, glass and mounting. A regular price of $149.99, we keep our poster and   puzzle specials low enough so you can get your posters out of the closet and on  to the wall where you planned to have them when you got them sometimes years  ago. Great for a child’s artwork or special project from school.

Corporate, Residential and Institutional Framing  We do   an array of framing projects, from single customer to large corporate orders and   new complex buildings such as senior centres, condos and apartments.

Lamination Options  We often will recommend to laminate   your artwork with a high quality matte finish. There’s no need for glass which   makes your art pieces lighter, much less chance of damage and no glass   reflection no matter where you hang it. It also helps to protect against fading   as well. We also offer a canvass lamination which brings a regular picture to   life with a canvas painted look.

Original Work   Originals, like paintings, photographs,   pastels, pencil and the such should never be laminated and are best protected   and presented with acid free mats, glass and frame. Glass should never touch the   artwork. We have various types of glass including plexi, non glare, conservation   clear and tru view. Even our regular 2.5 ml has some UV protection.

Shadow Boxing  Many objects need special show casing and   protecting. Lifts are built up inside the frame out of sight and the frame is   lined with coordinating or matching matting for a professional finished look.   This keeps the glass away from the artwork while still adding a protective   quality. Anything 3 D is able to be showcased in a shadowbox. There are times   when using a narrower shadow box than the item (like a mask) where the article   actually protrudes beyond the frame is a unique and show stopping technique that   makes it stand out from all the rest – which is the desired effect.

Glass Float  A piece of artwork is pressed between two   pieces of glass, then framed so that the wall color shows through, giving the   impression that the art is suspended in mid air.

Plaque Mounting  A print is laminated and mounted on a   piece of pressed wood. The edge color is a matter of choice so there is no need   for a frame.

Print Catalogues  We have a selection of books to choose   from as well as art prints in stock. Usually we can get an ordered print within   a couple or three days. We have books such as Canadian Art Prints, Image   Conscious, Winn Devon and more. We can also get a large variety of Canadian   Artists prints in almost any size you would like.

Special Event Framing  Weddings, Anniversaries,   Birthdays, Sports Awards, Retirements and more are all part of presentation and   gift framing. Any occasion for any reason, there is always something that   someone would be thrilled to have framed.

Cost of Custom Framing  As with anything custom, you can   expect to pay for what you want. We try our best to work within our customer’s   budgets wherever possible by suggesting alternate options. We will always put   forth our finest vision for each individual project which may, or may not be the   most expensive depending on what looks best on it. In this way, if we have to   alter things, we are able to take away or substitute to bring into a more   moderate budget. We believe, if we show you the very best we will be proud to   put our name on it as much as you are to display it.

Mirrors  One of the greatest ways to add perception of   more space to any area, whether a powder room, ensuite, living or dining room or   even at the end of a hallway or entrance. It can make a huge statement or as an   accent of color and design.

Jersey Framing  With the popularity of jerseys these   days, it’s nice to have it preserved on your wall. Our jersey framing starts   between $300 – $500. depending on the size and materials you choose. It can be   done very simply or quite elaborate with pictures and other articles in alone   side of it.

Unconventional Framing  Often we have clients that just   love to have something that most people would shy away from. We have framed the   size of a greeting card with 2 of our largest frames stacked together with   matting as well. This kind of framing is for the bold and courageous but those   people really know what they want and we understand that anything goes in art.   We love doing the imaginative & unconventional masterpieces. They are one of   a kind works and our clients love the finished results. Sometimes just adding a   fillet to a frame can change the look enough that completes the job perfectly.

Deadlines & Time Crunches  On many of our   projects, we are able to have a very short turn around time, often same day   service or while you wait mat cutting. We are able to cut our own frames, mats   and glass all in store and if available in stock you could have your framing in   not time at all instead of the usual 10 days to 2 week turnaround.

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